Weekly Tips

For the TakeTIME Uxbridge campaign, every week we would provide educational tips to enhance the health of young children on our website. Based on the notion that it only takes a couple of minutes a day to enhance your infant (ages 0 to 2) or young child’s (ages 3+) health, separate tips for each age group were provided. Parents and participants could also sign up with their email addresses to receive the tips in their inbox.

Tips and ideas that are shared should always be double checked to ensure accuracy. For the Uxbridger project, we generated tips and ideas from a variety of sources:

  • Our own expertise, or the knowledge of our local experts (nutritionists, coaches, recreation professionals)
  • Food suppliers (e.g. grocery stores, farmers, healthy option restaurants)
  • Sports equipment suppliers and physical activity providers (e.g. sports store, running groups, bicycle stores, sport groups, community centers, etc.)
  • Non-Government, charity and government organizations (local, province, and nationwide)
  • The barriers expressed by parents and leaders during data collection.