Start TakeTIME

TakeTIME wants you to have all the tools necessary to implement a health promotion campaign in your community. Follow the links below for a step-by-step guide to Take TIME for the health of young children in your community!

Determining Community Needs
To TakeTIME in your community, you’ll need to find out what the needs in your community are. What’s good? What needs work? What does the community want? Follow this link to learn more about how you can gather input from your community.
Project Planning
How are you going to develop a campaign that addresses the feedback you received from your community? Learn more about planning your project based on this feedback.
Promoting TakeTIME
In order for your community to TakeTIME, they’re going to need to know where, what, and when it is! Promoting Take TIME will be an essential part of your campaign
Partners and Sponsors
Some of the most valuable assets your community can provide for your Take TIME project is sponsorship and partnership. Learn more about how you can get them on board!