Promoting TakeTIME

After speaking with the key individuals and organizations in your community, you may have a better sense of how best to promote Take TIME. Knowing where parents and caregivers look for information and which sources of information they pay attention to is critically important.

Take TIME Uxbridge planned to use social media and email listservs to disseminate information, but during our data collection phase we were clearly told that parents preferred to receive notices via school newsletters and local papers, because those were the main areas they looked to for information on community events for their families. When designing your campaign, it is important to gather feedback from the immediate stakeholders you are targetting.

Click the links for information on the different ways to advertise your campaign and events:

Community bulletin boards
Create a posting and ask for permission from local recreation centres, grocery stores, libraries, or any other buildings that may have bulletin boards for community use.

Local newspapers
You may be able to find low cost advertising with your local paper, and you may even be able to talk to them about sponsoring the event or ad, in return for a discount on advertising space.

School newsletters
Contact local schools and school boards about being included in newsletters. Make sure to contact schools well in advance of any events or projects, as many schools only send out seasonal or monthly newsletters.

Press releases

Radio talk shows
Contact local radio stations and tell them about your project. They may find a time slot where you can either join them in studio or call in briefly to talk about your work and any upcoming events. Make sure you can quickly and concisely get across your important points (Who, what, where and why, as well as how listeners can find out more).

Websites, listservs & social media
There are many cost effective and simple ways to build basic websites these days. It’s also important to start generating an email list (and just as important to not spam your list with unwanted email – only email them when it’s important!). Finally, setting up a Facebook page, or making use of other social media sites such as Twitter, Youtube, and Google+, is very important if you want people to be able to find your project online.