Partners and Sponsors

Connecting with key individuals in your town will give you a large network of organizations to speak with regarding sponsorship and partnership. Think outside the box! Your local pharmacy may be able to provide sunscreen samples, grocery stores may donate gift cards or discounts/vouchers on healthy foods, and retail outlets can offer physical activity equipment. Be open to anything organizations can offer, nonetheless it is best to determine ahead of time what type of donations you would like (free or discount advertising, draw prize gifts, etc), the amount of donations you will need, and the date(s) you’ll need it by. This helps avoid uncertainty and gives a deadline for you and the contributors.

Click here for a sample letter asking for sponsorship support. Remember to modify it to the needs of your community!

Click the links below for answers to some common questions:


How do you contact sponsors?
Contact any potential companies and ask where you can find their sponsorship guidelines. Research potential sponsors, and have a clear idea of what you’d like from them, and what the benefits of sponsorship may be. Consider both small local companies and larger national chains/brands. Be flexible in your proposal, and always follow up after any initial meetings or contact.

How do you identify key individuals in the town?
One great way to find key people in a local environment is to find recent events that have been run in your city, and start contacting the people who organized those events. Ask for their advice, and ask for any further contacts that may know who could share some thoughts or who may be interested in helping with your event. It may take a few calls, but eventually you’ll find out who’s making things happen.

Local politicians may also be able to either help you directly with partnerships, or may be able to guide you towards people who can help.

If there are any other local charities that you can align yourself with, they may be to share their expertise and guidance as well. 

What will the donor get in exchange?

There are a long list of items which you can offer to sponsors in return for their support. This can include:

  • Naming rights, both small and large (for example, the rights to name a specific event, or portion of an event, or the right to name the entire project for a major sponsor)
  • The use of your projects name or logo in their own advertising and media
  • Input into your venue choice (particular if they are willing to offer a venue for your use)
  • Demonstration opportunities at your events
  • Signage; at events, in print media, and online
  • Participation in your events if applicable
  • A specially designed portion of the event for their staff
  • Opportunity to include inserts in any mail-outs or emails you send
What are the donations needed for and how will they be used?
When looking for potential sponsors and partners, you’ll need to have some idea of what you you’re looking for them to contribute. Are you going to ask for direct funding? And if so, what amount?

Many sponsors may also be able to help in other ways, by providing promotional opportunities, event supplies (food, clothing, etc), or access to venues.