About TakeTIME

Sparked by a survey that identified obesity, poverty and mental health as the top three health priorities for Ontario’s children over the next 20 years, TakeTIME was launched in the Fall of 2010 in Uxbridge, Ontario.

The campaign was developed with the aim of creating an ideal community to support active healthy lifestyles for young children in the Township of Uxbridge. The Take TIME Ontario web site has been developed to provide you with all of the tools and information necessary to implement Take TIME in your town or city.

Take TIME for Your Child’s Health is a health promotion campaign for parents and caregivers of young children, up to 8 years of age. The campaign emphasizes the importance of TIME – Tobacco free, Injury free, Moving daily, Eating healthy. In addition, the campaign also educates parents and caregivers about ways to enhance the health of young children via easy changes to daily routines that require only a few minutes to complete.

The goal of the Take TIME campaign is to increase the proportion of young children who are Tobacco free (no passive exposure) and Injury free by 5%, and the proportion of children who are Moving daily (physically active) and Eating healthy by 10%.